About Me…

Hello! And thanks for checking out my blog.  Here’s a bit more information about me.

I live in Maple Ridge, British Columbia with my fabulous husband and two incredible boys. Their energy, curiosity and creativity inspire me to continually learn and grow as an educator.

Currently, I am the Principal at Laity View Elementary in Maple Ridge. I am excited to be part of a learning community that shines with student leadership, fine arts and a sense of community.

I am grateful that I get to spend each day with people who love learning. I am passionate about student engagement, community connections and value based leadership. I love learning about the science behind happiness and helping students develop the competencies necessary to live fulfilling lives.   I am fascinated by human behaviour and I love helping people resolve situations, strengthen relationships and learn from their experiences.

I strongly believe we gain more than we give when we volunteer to help others.  I am incredibly proud of Project HELLO, a project that I began with some amazing students, helping the homeless of Greater Vancouver reach out and re-connect with family and loved ones.  I blog regularly about our work on the DTES and the stories of the people who live there www.BeyondHELLO.org 

I love the challenge that comes with balancing family, health and career and I am incredibly grateful for the supports I have in my life that allow me to be who I want to be in all of these areas.  I love soccer Saturdays with my boys, love running on Sunday mornings, and love spending quality time with all the people I love.

In a nutshell, I have a pretty fantastic life.

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