A Spontaneous Blog

I often admit that some of my best decisions in life have been rather spontaneous. My teaching career began on a whim when I quit a promising career in the business world to scoop up a last minute seat in the Faculty of Education just days before the program began.  Years later, my husband Shawn and I headed out to look at new flooring for our townhouse and somehow we took a last minute turn on the way back home and ended up spontaneously buying a new house.  These decisions were incredibly spontaneous, however they were not careless.  I believe that moments of clarity can emerge when an opportunity presents itself that aligns with our core values and goals.  These moments allow us to act spontaneously and trust that we are on the right path. 

Today was one of those days.  Our professional development team arranged for Gary Kern, Director of Instruction from the West Vancouver School District to present to our staff on ‘The Effective Use of Technology and Innovation’. This led to meaningful dialogue with colleagues and some time to reflect on my own use of technology.  When I stopped to evaluate my own practice, I made the spontaneous decision to start blogging.  I contacted our pro-d rep, Denise Nembhard, and within minutes we were creating my first blog.  And while I understand that this decision may not be as monumental as the career change or house purchase, it is a shift in practice that aligns with what I value.  I believe in reflection, find clarity through writing and I’m inspired by ideas that flourish through connection with others.  Just last month I jumped into the world of Twitter, and I have been truly amazed by the professional nature, opportunities for learning and the ability to connect and share resources with others.  Our world is changing, and the way we learn is evolving at a rapid pace.  Technology allows us to connect, learn and grow together.

And so today, I have made the spontaneous decision to create my blog, hopefullearning, with the goal of one post per week. I am full of hope as my mind is racing with ideas, topics, and possibilities. I love that feeling of excitement that comes when a new idea wakes me up and shifts my thinking.  I’m excited to take this leap with technology, knowing it will add purpose to my practice. 

Here’s to a spontaneous decision and an amazing learning journey! (Now if only I could figure out how to use the widgets…)

One thought on “A Spontaneous Blog

  1. I’m so excited that you were inspired to start blogging! I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts. You’re right–sometimes spontanteous decisions, made simply by your gut, can often be good ones. I hope you enjoy your journey.

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