Thankful. This is a Good World.

It’s Friday evening, and I’m settling into Thanksgiving weekend enjoying a few quiet moments while my children and husband are out running an errand.  As I savour this rare burst of silence, I find myself aimlessly scrolling through my Facebook feed.  I smile as I notice that teachers from our school are sharing an uplifting video clip with one another…

A clip from Ellen that reminds us that there is more good in this world than bad.  A timely clip after a week of natural and man-made disasters.

Ellen: More Good Than Bad

As I watched the clip, and continued to scroll, I found more and more posts from educators taking time to celebrate what’s right with our world.  One teacher posts about cozying up with family to watch shows together, another celebrates a graduation while a principal friend posts about an activity with parents writing messages about wishes for our children.

As a I think about Thanksgiving, I am deeply touched by the good that I am surrounded by.  This week alone, I witnessed the following in our Harry Hooge community:

  • On Monday night, over 20 of our staff gave up their evening to participate in an optional pro-d event, learning together to improve their practice
  • Throughout the week as the full moon planted itself above the rooftop of our school, educators helped one another offering support, strategies, kind words or resources to strengthen each other at the right times
  • A teacher who felt supported by her colleagues sent a thank-you note and brought in a treat for the entire staff
  • Our Knights for Change student club began their efforts to raise funds to support projects in Ethiopia
  • Our grade 6 and 7 students spent an afternoon participating in a ‘Bullying Ends Here’ workshop learning how to support one another and ask for help when needed
  • Our school community helped a family in need donating boxes of supplies and gift certificates for groceries. Staff gave of their own time picking up supplies, sorting, boxing and organizing items to lighten the spirits for a family struck by hard times.
  • Our local community programs donated food so we could feed 20+ kids in a breakfast program, and lunch program.
  • Another community program delivered backpacks of food to send home to families who may not have enough to eat over the long weekend
  • Our parent volunteers hosted an early October outdoor BBQ to allow students, parents and staff to connect with one another.
  • Our school community wore orange to demonstrate unity and understanding as we step forward on our path of reconciliation and stand together in the belief that every child matters.

Like every school week, we also had some bumps and bruises and situations to learn from, but overall, it’s the good that stands out.  As we reach the first big milestone of the school year and unwind for Thanksgiving weekend, my heart is full of gratitude.  Thank you Harry Hooge – you know the true meaning of community.  You are my reminder that there is a lot of good in this world.

Happy Thanksgiving.


2 thoughts on “Thankful. This is a Good World.

  1. Thank you Kristi, for fostering that sense of community in our school. As principal you directly impact and lead the culture of our little community and you’ve done so in a way that makes me not only proud to be a part of it, but also grateful that my children get to experience it. You’re never allowed to leave! 😘

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