Why Write, If Not to Put Pieces Together?

Unknown-3I love to write. There is nothing that soothes my soul more than a quiet hour with a chai tea latte and a notebook or a blank screen.  When I travel somewhere new, I look through the eyes of a writer and search for that peaceful place where I can turn my thoughts into words.  Finding solitude, with pen and paper grounds me.  It’s in these moments that I truly reflect. When I write I give myself time to question, to challenge my own thoughts and ultimately, I get to know myself better.  It’s how I put my pieces together.

When life gets busy, finding solitude to reflect and write often takes the shape of a very early morning or a very late night.  However, If I let too much time pass without writing I become antsy and crave solitude in a way an athlete craves a game (or so I imagine… embracing the idea of flying projectiles coming towards me is not something i will ever comprehend).  Like the athlete, I need these moments to feel truly alive.  For me, writing awakens my soul.

Last year, while attending a conference in Denver, I copied down this quote. Continue reading