The Silver Lining of COVID-19


Good morning and Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!

As I woke up this morning, I couldn’t help but smile at all the good in the world despite COVID-19.  I’m amazed at the acts of kindness, humanitarian efforts, and creativity that surrounds us as we all adjust to our new normal.

This has me thinking back to lessons we learned in History classes, and I can’t help but wonder if part of the stories were left untold.  When we learned about dark times such as the Great Depression or World War I and II, we only read about what went wrong. I know people died or that people suffered, so somehow, I just assumed everyone was collectively miserable.  I never stopped to think that during those difficult times people also helped their neighbors, laughed together, or experienced happiness.

Yet, here we are, living through the COVID-19 pandemic, experiencing days that will most certainly become the content of history lessons for decades to come while also experiencing an abundance of good.  I think about our future, and I wonder what we will remember and what we will forget.

What story will we tell?  How will we write our history? Will we remember to recognize the good that surrounds us?

We will most certainly remember to tell the stories of illness, death, fear, anxiety, closed borders, remote schooling, and economic impact.  This is a time of hardship on a global scale and my family has not gone unscathed.  My mom fought a scary battle with COVID-19 and was hospitalized and on oxygen for six long days before showing signs of recovery.  My husband’s long-awaited back surgery was canceled and my son, who lives with Crohn’s Disease has been completely homebound as he is immune-compromised.  COVID-19 is not something to take lightly.

Despite this, I can’t help but smile. There is still so much good that surrounds us. Here are 20 short reminders to help us see the silver lining of COVID-19:

  1. Helping.  We are in this together.  People are paying attention to see who they can help. Families and communities are apart but together as they find ways to look out for one another.
  2. Time. With closures and cancellations, our schedules have become less hectic allowing us to appreciate the simplicity of a slower pace.
  3. Family. More time at home means more time together as a family. COVID-19 has created space for family card games, walks outside, meals together, and time to reconect.
  4. Nature – In BC, we are encouraged to get fresh air. Nature does not realize we are struggling.  Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming and the gentle progression of seasons reminds us this too shall pass.
  5. Children – children are reminding us all to have hope.  Hearts in windows, painted rocks, and simple acts of kindness create a sense of community.
  6. Leadership – The world is watching as thriving communities model what compassionate leadership looks like.
  7. Female Role Models – In BC, Dr. Bonnie Henry has gained our trust with her grace and composure. Our Canadian chief public health officer Dr. Theresa Tam leads with knowledge and poise. On a world scale, Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealand has captured our attention. At age 39, she is balancing motherhood and successfully leading her country through a pandemic. These remarkable women are teaching our girls to dream big.
  8. Purification – cities around the world have seen air pollution plummet. Global carbon dioxide emissions are expected to fall by 6% improving our carbon footprint.
  9. Entrepreneurship – In our community, a 12-year-old boy, Quinn Callander has gained world attention for creating ‘ear gear’ to assist hospital workers. Businesses have re-invented themselves overnight offering curbside pick up and modeling new safe business practices.
  10. Creativity – artists are writing songs, people are finding time for arts and crafts and musicians are finding ways to share their talent.  On Saturday evenings, during COVID-19, our family tunes in to the virtual concerts of a local band Almost Famous.
  11. School Reimagined – School buildings are empty, but our teachers are leading with heart.  While we can’t wait to get back to the days of laughter in our hallways, it’s remarkable to see the way educators have transformed learning overnight modeling courage, creativity, connection, and collaboration.
  12. Compassion – COVID 19 has turned has inspired us to act.  Schools have made videos of encouragements, governments have found ways to help their most vulnerable citizens and each night at 7 PM communities collectively cheer to thank emergency responders and health care workers.
  13. Value – as businesses have put safety measures in place, cash transcations are less common.  This simple business practice reminds me that money is only paper.  It is not what we should value most.
  14. Learning – the internet is bursting with free resources and people of all ages are learning to work with new technology such as Zoom to connect remotely.
  15. Boredom – Perhaps this seems like a strange benefit, but boredom allows us to be still and truly discover who we are. Time for reflection and self-care is good for the soul.
  16. Community – Travel has come to a halt through community has become more important than ever.  When we make intentional efforts to shop locally, we help small businesses thrive.  In Maple Ridge, Bruce’s Market and Haney Builder’s have come together to create a beautiful display of children’s art, reminding us how simple acts of kindness can connect us all.
  17. Respect – Our seniors are our most vulnerable citizens.  COVID-19 has reminded us to take care of our elderly citizens through acts of kindness, private shopping hours and extra safety precautions to keep our elders well.
  18. Unity – We are truly in this together.  This has been a time to put politics aside and come together in non-partisan ways.
  19. Humanity – There is something sacred about the power of our global community collectively working together to save humanity.
  20. Love – Love wins.  Love will always be stronger than fear.  With love, we will get through this together.

This Mother’s Day, as you re-imagine how to connect as a family, please also take time to pause and acknowledge the good that surrounds you. This is history in the making.  When we create the stories we will tell for generations to come, let’s not forget the collective good that got us through COVID-19.

“Every storm runs out of rain.”  

Maya Angelou




4 thoughts on “The Silver Lining of COVID-19

  1. Kristi you are so amazing. I love all your writings. Your so right “we are in this together”. I can’t imagine what the history books will write about. 2020 and the Covid -19 virus. You always inspire me when I read your writings. Thank you so much for sharing. Stay safe, stay at home.
    Marlene Edwards

  2. Kristi, you inspire us to look at the world in new and wonderful ways. Your reflections remind us of the important take-aways from this experience. Thank you for being in this world! You make it a better place! Love and light!

  3. Kristi: I am not a mother but I loved reading this. You are an amazing and gifted writer. So full of passion and sensitivity. Appreciated your insights and positivity. You are an inspiration to all.

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